Training Services

Innoved Institute sources and aggregates the highest quality material from the best sources in the country to provide clients with material and training services anywhere in the world. With our unique relationships, we can provide as much material as needed, when it is needed, and where it is needed all at the lowest cost.


A Lab-In-A-Box™ is a client specific program that allows for high impact hands-on personalized training in the field. This unique program maximizes training impact at the lowest possible price point and allows field staff to deliver training with all the guess work taken out of the equation.


Our Focus is Your Event

Our focus is on helping you achieve your goals and objectives at the lowest possible cost. Innoved Institute provides a range of services and materials related to education and training. We work hard on the details and make working with us as easy as possible so that you, our client, can concentrate on your activities and functions as they relate to your clients.

Second-To-None Services

Our model allows us to provide our clients with as much material and supplies as needed, with the criteria requested, at the lowest possible cost. We provide everything you need to conduct your event without having to worry about the details. We can take care of everything.