Innoved Institute has been in business since 2011, and was created to provide the medical education and training industries with products and services that allow these groups to focus on their objectives as opposed to details related to supplies and materials, staffing, and logistics. Innoved Institute’s team is made up of professionals with skill-sets for proactively increasing value on behalf of our clients.

Highlighted below are brief backgrounds for some of our senior leadership.

Our Executives

Greg Paulos1

Gregory Paulos

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Paulos has over 25 years’ experience working in medical education, medical training, and non- transplant tissue industries with the aim of improving patient centered outcomes. Mr. Paulos is the former co-founder and CEO for GenLife Institute, a privately held entity. He has also served as the Associate Division Director of Continuing Physician Education for the American Medical Association (AMA), as the Professional Education Officer for the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE), and as the Vice President for Medical Education at Science Care. He is the co-owner of WentzMiller Global Services, an international medical education consulting organization, and he has served on several medical education related boards including 6 years on the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (ACEHP).

Tom Dawahare

Thomas Dawahare

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Dawahare has over 13 years experience in the healthcare industry, more than half of that concentrated on the medical education and medical training industries. Mr. Dawahare is the former Manager for Professional Education at Science Care, where he played a key role in the realization of double digit EBITDA and revenue growth every year for the entirety of his tenure. As well, Mr. Dawahare has experience serving as the Director of Business Development for LifeLegacy Foundation, Inc., where he continued to produce significant results in revenue growth, client retention, new client acquisition and reduced attrition. In his time at Science Care and LifeLegacy, Mr. Dawahare has been involved in the planning, development, and successful marketing of several high profile training facilities. Consequently he has worked with many of the world’s leading medical device companies where he has developed significant relationships and contacts within the industry. Mr. Dawahare is a certified presenter and instructor for the DiJulius group, focusing on creating World Class Client Experience programs.