A Complete Solution to Your Hands-On Training Needs

Innoved Institute, a leader in hands-on training and education support now provides a complete customized solution for your company's unique training needs - out in the field. The Lab-In-A-Box™ program has been developed by Innoved Institute to meet the needs of field staff that need to provide training on a small scale basis for physicians and health care professionals. No need to wait for a regional training course for your clients to experience your products. Bring the training to them.

Company representatives need a convenient, safe, and efficient way to better help customers experience the benefits of their products. Innoved Institute provides a client customized Lab-In-A-Box™ for field staff that takes care of everything needed for a highly productive demo, training, or educational session. Field staff can focus on customers as opposed to training logistics and material issues.

What You Need, When You Need It, and Where You Need It!

Innoved Institute's Lab-In-A-Box™ service takes care of everything needed to run a successful and productive training event. This includes providing material, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE's) for all attendees, disposables, client specific instrumentation, cleaning and packing supplies, return kits, company marketing materials, and any other items requested by our clients. This is all packed into an insulated container and shipped all together so that everything arrives on time right where you need it.

We arrange all logistics and we provide foolproof instructions for field staff. Innoved provides you a one stop shop for all your attendees to have a successful experience.

Innoved Institute's Extended Services

Innoved is your "go to" organization for all Lab-In-A-Box™ needs, but we do much more...

Innoved Institute has built its reputation on providing the highest quality materials to customers for years. Our model allows us to always have the materials and supplies you need, as much as you need, when you need it - we guarantee it!

Innoved Institute offers full service escort and staffing for events throughout the country at any facility or location. We bring the materials, equipment, supplies, and handle all of the clean-up.

Partner in Business

Innoved’s motto is “Better Practice, Better Outcomes”. We believe that partnering with our customers provides the best opportunity for all involved in healthcare to achieve improvements in positive patient outcomes.

Whatever your needs are for hands-on procedure-based medical education and training, our team of highly experienced professionals will help you obtain a higher impact at a lower cost. Our goal is to help you obtain “better outcomes” by helping your course participants obtain hands-on education and training so that they gain new skills or improve their existing skills for a “better practice”.


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